Defensive Driving Now Even Easier with Video

Make Dismissing a Ticket as Easy as Watching TV - Only $34.95!

Good Call!

Thanks for taking a moment to check out the newest all-video defensive driving course in Texas. Here's a quick preview of the kinds of things you'll see:

Tell Me More!

Love to! The video course we now offer is provided courtesy of our sister driving school,, one of the Top 10 driving safety course providers in the state. Their philosophy of defensive driving is much the same as ours - getting a ticket is bad enough and getting rid of it shouldn't have to be a beating. This video course takes that philosophy to a whole new level. It's funny and smart and has elements designed to entertain and educate whether you've been driving for 15 minutes or 50 years.

Just the Same, Only Better

The video course we offer carries with it the same great advantages of any online course. Defensive driving is better when you can take it anywhere and at any time and, with our video course, you can do exactly that. The course adapts perfectly to tablet or smartphone so when we say you can take the course anywhere we really do mean anywhere!

Another exclusive feature of our video course is the elimination of a final exam. Unlike our standard course, the video course features short, multiple-choice quizzes at the end of every unit. You'll pass each of them easily because the information will still be fresh in your mind.

Oh, and one more thing... If you're hesitant to take the all-video course because you're the type of guy who always forgets his headphones, relax. All of the videos have closed captioning available to save you from curious stares from across the coffee shop.

Texas Approved Video Defensive Driving

The easy way to get rid of a ticket just got easier!