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Getting a ticket isn't the end of the world, but sitting in a classroom for 6 hours to dismiss it may have you begging for the end to hurry up and get here. Six hours. Honestly, who has a chunk of time that big available in their schedule anymore?

This is what makes defensive driving online so great. You don't have to park yourself anywhere for six straight hours, unless you really just want to. So your schedule only has a one-hour opening today and an available 10 minutes next Tuesday? Online defensive driving is perfect for you. You can log in and out of your course as often as you wish and then come back to right where you left off. The only time you have available is in the wee hours of the morning. Good news! As it turns out, the internet is always open. You only have a tablet or smartphone? More good news! You can take your course on just about any internet-enabled gadget you may have laying around. You really couldn't make a better choice for freedom and flexibility than

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Three Good Reasons to Take Defensive Driving

The first is probably the reason you're here - to dismiss a ticket. By state law, drivers are allowed dismiss a ticket with a defensive driving course once every twelve months. Our online Texas defensive driving course has been approved by both the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR). Rest assured, the Certificate of Course Completion you will receive from us will be accepted by any court in Texas for traffic ticket dismissal.

The second reason taking a defensive driving course is a good idea is that it could put money in your pocket. Most insurance companies offer discounted premiums to drivers who have "graduated" from a driver safety course. You don't even have to get a ticket to enjoy this benefit but, if you did, you get to double dip. If you complete the course for ticket dismissal, you will also receive an insurance copy of your certificate. Take this copy to your agent and then keep some of the money you've been putting in his pocket in your own.

The third reason you can't lose by taking defensive driving is the fact that you will finish the course a safer and more responsible driver. Studies have shown that individuals who have taken a defensive driving course, when compared to those "other guys" who haven't, have fewer accidents and suffer fewer injuries over the next 12 months. How many dismissed tickets and insurance dollars would it take to equal the value of keeping you, your passengers and your car in one piece?

We Know What You Want and When You Want It

There's no doubt the main thing you want from us is that completion certificate the court is breathing down your neck for. Once you've done your part to complete the course, we'll jump right in to do ours - processing and shipping your certificate. If you finish by 3 PM Monday through Friday, your mailman will have it and be on his way to you that day. If you're concerned that the USPS won't beat your court date, you can choose from one of our affordable expedited shipping options.

Another thing you might want from us is a copy of your driving record. More than likely your court asked you to turn in a copy along with the rest of your paperwork. If you order before completing your course, we'll ship it along with your certificate. If you find out you need it at the last minute, we can have it processed and emailed to you the same day.

Since you don't deal with defensive driving every day, you might want some questions answered along the way. Our customer care representatives (who do actually deal with defensive driving every day) are available to help in any way they can. By the way, if that burning desire for an answer comes on a holiday, don't worry, we're here then, too. Getting you what you want, when you want it - just another way to say "thanks for choosing us."

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Texas approved for ticket dismissal in every court in the state.

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