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So there you were, just driving to work when, BAM, it happened. Where did that police officer even come from? Now that little surprise has left you with a little ticket you'd like to see go away. You may have memories of taking defensive driving in the past and aren't especially looking forward to killing a Saturday to sit in a classroom for 6 hours to get that certificate you need. Your life is far too busy for that.

With a 100% online course from ASenseofHumorDriving.com, you can forget about heading "back to school" to get that ticket handled. With ASenseofHumorDriving.com, you can complete your course:

- Any Time: Turns out, the internet is open 24/7
- Any Where: Well, anywhere that's got wi-fi which, these days, is pretty much everywhere
- Any Way: Laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Your gadget of choice brings the classroom to you.

When you choose an online course, you get to choose when, where and how you complete your course. All at once or a little at a time, at home or away, on your tablet, phone or computer - get it done on a schedule that fits yours and in the way that you learn best!

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Three Great Reasons to Take Defensive Driving

Let's start with the one you are probably here for - ticket dismissal. Texas state law extends drivers the privilege of dismissing a traffic ticket once every twelve months by taking a defensive driving course. Make sure to choose a course that has been approved by the TEA and the TDLR like this one has. Dismissing a ticket will keep that ticket from going on your driving record which is a great thing as points on your driving record cause your insurance rates to go up.

Further, taking a defensive driving course may make your insurance premiums go down. When you take the course for traffic ticket dismissal, we will be sending you two copies of your certificate, one for the court and one for your insurance company. Most insurance companies will lower premiums for a driver that has completed a driver safety course. Check with your agent for full details. We have many students without tickets who take our course just for this benefit. In many cases, the savings pays for the course many times over.

Reason number three may be the best of them all. Completing a defensive driving course will make you a safer, more knowledgeable and more confident driver. Drivers who take a defensive driving course have fewer accidents statistically speaking, and collisions in the 12 months following their course compared to drivers who have not taken a course.

Fast Certificate Delivery - Faster Customer Service

We understand that once the court has granted permission for you to take defensive driving that the clock starts ticking. You need that certificate right away, and we're not about to make you wait. As soon as you finish your course, we will immediately start processing your certificate and will have it in the mail to you the same day if you complete your course by 3 PM. If your clock has ticked down far enough that the mailman won't be fast enough, we offer several affordable expedited shipping options as well. Also, if the court has asked you to present a copy of your driving record, you can order that from us as well and we can get it to you the same day.

Even faster than our certificate delivery is our customer service. We are here every Monday through Thursday from 9 AM to 9 PM and every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 AM to 7 PM every day of the year. Feel free to call or email us anytime - we love to help!

Online Defensive Driving with A Sense of Humor!

Texas approved for ticket dismissal in every court in the state.

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