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Brake failure is pretty terrifying when you encounter the problem while driving, and not too many know about this defensive driving skill. The following instructions will give you a great idea of what to do when your brakes fail and it will give you the peace of mind of knowing the steps to take.  

Being a tactful defensive driver is important whenever and wherever you are, and taking a comedy defensive driving course online can help you realize how important being behind the wheel is. Residential areas require extra attention because most of the time there are pets, children, people walking and others riding bikes. A lot of people

School buses are important to look out when driving on the road, and looking for the best online traffic school to help you know what to do when driving near a bus is helpful. They stop frequently and are large, but they transport children to and from school. They have to follow extra laws in

Defensive driving, while dealing with the distraction of talking on the phone, is an oxymoron.   The truth is that talking on the phone is distracting, of that there is little dispute.   And since some driving maneuvers require more brain power than others, undertaking these maneuvers while driving can be a recipe for disaster.

What are Defensive Driving Online Courses in Fort Worth? Defensive driving classes in Fort Worth are driver’s safety courses which provides training for drivers to help master road safety. These courses usually go beyond the basics of what you would learn in driver’s education. Defensive driving courses teach advanced skills in awareness. Theses safety courses

It is important for contractors and road workers to  follow defensive driving tips to make the road a safer place. When driving vehicles that are 10 wheelers or lowboys it is important to take defensive driving courses for the fact that there is traffic going on while you are getting to your destination. Before traveling

There are a couple of important rules when it comes to defensive driving on the freeway and taking a comedy defensive driving course will help you understand why it is so important to know how to drive on the freeway. There are many factors that contribute to these set of rules including high speeds and

Defensive Driving Turning Guide   Turning is one of the most basic aspects of defensive driving, but it can become sloppy because you think it is so easy. First thing is do not be indecisive! Always make up your mind before turning, especially in a place that you are unfamiliar with. With all the construction

There are a couple of important rules when it comes to defensive driving on the freeway. There are many key factors that attributed to these rules, and some of the biggest components include high speeds and traffic density. Of Course, if you live in North Texas, you know about construction and highway traffic all too

  Dealing with the elements while driving can be an dangerous if you are not an experienced defensive driver. Whether it is rain, snow, wind, fog or a very sunny day, the best thing to do is to avoid driving in bad weather. If it is absolutely necessary that you need to go or you

Things a Young Driver Should Know There are a lot of topics covered in a driver’s education course, but there are some important lessons that are not taught that can help a person be the best defensive driver they can be. Young drivers need to know how to handle possible situations that will occur during

Texas Night Driving Tips

Night driving is certainly not the same as driving in daylight hours. According to the National Safety Council, death rates on the road are greater at night than during the day. Why is night driving so hazardous? Is it because we are not aware of the hazards that are present at night? Or is it

In this new day and age you cannot turn around without seeing someone texting and driving. Almost everyone is using a cell phone to communicate with each other and it is great in the world of technology. But there is certainly a time and place to use it. Driving is definitely a time where you

Texas Seat Belt Safety

Two main reasons to practice seat belt safety every time you enter a motor vehicle: Practicing Seat Belt Safety Can Increase Your Chances of Surviving a Vehicle Accident Wearing your seat belt can decrease your chances of being seriously injured or fatally wounded, in a vehicle accident, by about 50 percent; seat belt safety is

Distractions while driving can be very dangerous.  This does not just in Texas but all over the country. People are getting seriously injured or killed in car accidents as a result of distractions while driving. Cell phones have now become the new target when it comes to distracted driving, but honestly, drivers have been vulnerable

  Become A Defensive Driver   Driving is a dangerous activity that most of us engage in on a daily basis; we can actually make these a less hazardous activity for ourselves by driving defensively. First and foremost, we must know and always apply the rules of the road. This means knowing what the current

    Defensive Driving Course A Sense of Humor Defensive Driving has been helping save lives through education for over two decades. In 2004,  we passed on our traditions to a new format when A Sense of Humor launched our Defensive Driving Online Course. Our teachings and philosophy that was instilled in our classrooms, are

Defensive Driving   Most people feel strongly about their safety.  When this concern is translated to driving, the initial thing to do would be to get a vehicle that has passed safety standards and if not the safest in the market.  Despite the fact that we are very careful and are aware of driving risks,

  Defensive Driving Course Arlington A Sense of Humor Defensive Driving offers a State of Texas approved online defensive driving course serving the Greater Arlington and surrounding areas. The course fee is $25 with free audio. Our Texas defensive driving online course is convenient, fun and easy. Contact us today!   A Sense Of Humor,

Here are some warning signs and senior driving tips, to keep yourself or an aging loved one, safe while driving.  Aging is a part of life and with it can come some significant changes in health, vision, flexibility, coordination, and strength; these are all factors that can affect an individual’s ability to drive safely. There’s