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vehicle buying tips

Vehicle Buying Tips

I remember the first time I ever purchased a vehicle. It was my 2013 Kia Soul. I love that car, and will

electric vehicle

My current car is twelve years old and I am considering going all electric with my next vehicle. I say all electric, because my current car is a

Fog Lights

While I was driving along the highway one clear night I noticed that my fog lights were on. I thought I should probably

Senior drivers

Safety Tips For Older Drivers

I got my driver’s license in the early seventies, which means that I have been driving for over forty years. Today I need glasses to read, but not to drive. During the day I simply

traffic deaths and injuries

For many years now we have heard that traffic deaths and injuries on our highways have been decreasing. There is no doubt that today’s vehicles are safer than

VW scam

It has been widely publicized that Volkswagen has been found to be guilty of using software to fool required government emissions tests. As a result of this Volkswagen scam, it is estimated that approximately

The Michelin Man recently went to therapy and found that he needed to get in touch with his inner tube. This need to get in touch with one’s inner self has been true since the dawn of man. For example,

If you listen to music in your car, you are not alone. Even today, that is where most of us do our music listening. And surprisingly, even with all the choices available to us today, good old AM/FM radio, with 24 percent of all users, is still the number one choice of motorists. Not far

A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving 7920 Glenview Drive Richland Hills TX 76180 (817) 577-8854

Texas had new driving safety laws go into effect September 2013. It is important to follow these new laws because many fines and penalties have been increased! Listen to the track to find out what you need need to look out for on the road for 2014! A Sense Of Humor Defensive Driving 7920 Glenview

For those of you whom don’t know, January was the last month of the grace period for our new Texas driving safety laws. The laws went into effect last year, September 1st of 2013. These new laws are important for everyone to know, because many fines and penalties have been increased for traffic and moving

Driving becomes routine as we grow older, and we tend to forget some of the road safety skills we developed when learning how to drive.  It can become very dangerous if we do not discipline ourselves when managing a vehicle, and taking driving safety course can help identify your bad driving habits. There are traffic

Defensive Driving School Fort Worth TX

Do you need to take a defensive driving course to dismiss a traffic ticket? Whether you live in Fort Worth, or you have received a ticket anywhere in Texas, we offer a State of Texas approved online defensive driving course for your convenience. Click the video below for more information!

Cellphone Use While Driving

                                                  Cellphones are one of the biggest issues in defensive driving today. In this radio program we discuss rules, laws, and regulations put in place to regulate this problem. Now sit

Defensive driving courses teach drivers of all ages how to drive safely to avoid accidents. One of the most predominate problems a defensive driving course tries to eliminate is distracted driving. Over the last few years, I am sure the majority of us would agree that cell phones have become one of the biggest distractions for all

Taking a defensive driving course can be convenient, because you can take the online course in the comfort of  your own bed,  living room or anywhere you have internet access! With the advances in technology that have come about in the most recent years, almost everything is available with a click of a mouse. Just

Share the Road San Antonio

  Be Courteous & Share the Road   Motorcyclists encounter more dangerous situations on the road because they are hard to see, but we all need to know how to drive safely on the road with motorcyclists on it. They have the same responsibilities as people who drive automobiles, but they require for someone to

One thing that drivers are always doing is passing, and taking a comedy defensive driving course online can help you on know when it is safe to pass another vehicle. It is not too difficult when driving on a four lane road, but when wanting to pass on a two lane road it can become

Crash Prevention Techniques

Crash Prevention Techniques can be used to save your life. A great defensive driving strategy is to know how to steer clear of traffic crashes and looking out for possible hazards before you get yourself into one. Defensive driving courses are filled with an abundant amount of information, and an important focus is on avoiding

There has been much discussion on what age should a child need to ride in a booster or car seat, and choosing the best online traffic school will definitely put that question to rest. Some may say after the age 2, 3, or even 5, that their children should be able to ride in the