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Every time I see a new car on the road I wonder what it would be like to own it or how it would be to drive it around. But I remember that I’m still financing the car that I’m currently driving, and have another year left until the vehicle is paid off. I have

self driving cars

Every time I see things on the internet about trying to develop self driving cars, I think that Google has already created these cars and are testing them daily. Google has had these self driving cars on the road for

Driving & Car Seats

I remember the first time that I took a drive with my sister and my nephew for the very first time in his car seat. All of us enjoyed the ride, and made it there safely. This was a

stress and driving

Driving & Stress Relief

I remember the first time I had a difficult exam in college, and the stress I felt during and after the exam was over. I remember thinking

You hear of international problems all the time. The problem could be war, famine, or some kind of horrible natural disaster. However, you never really hear anything about shipping issues when it comes to international trade especially on the consumer side. I would like to inform everyone of some guidelines you should follow when shipping

MPG On The Rise

Although progress in increasing the US average mpg has slowed down in recent years, it has surpassed a significant hallmark. Since 2004 the national miles per gallon rating for cars and trucks has increased by 5 miles per gallon. After a record increase of

red light camera

Six years ago, Houston voters chose to get rid of red light cameras from 51 busy intersections and reports recently released by the HPD

Car Maintenance & Saving Money

I remember the first time I ever needed to do maintenance work on my vehicle. This was a nightmare for me due to the fact

Road Construction

Road Construction

In the north they say that there are two seasons, road construction and winter. In Texas road construction is starting to become an everyday thing because of the increasing population. The truth is that wherever you may go in the United States, you are going to encounter road construction. The big question, therefore, is what

Vehicle Registration Changes

The vehicle registration renewal process was modernized in 2014. We must understand this new law to

The Different Types Of Bike Racks

I started mountain biking a couple of years ago. Every time I finished a trail my bike would be pretty dirty. I didn’t have a bike rack at the time,

parking garage

A Parking Garage Is Worth Using

I recently moved to a new apartment complex with its own parking garage. Getting to park my cars in a parking garage is extremely nice. I can now

Reducing Driving Phobia

Reducing Driving Phobia

I remember the first time I was ever in a major accident partially because I developed a driving phobia after the event. I was just

flying vehicle

Flying Vehicle

  I remember one of the first cartoons I ever watched with my dad, and this was because there were flying vehicles. This show was about a family known as

vacation driving tips

Vacation Driving Tips

I remember one of the first vacation drives I ever took with my family. It was a trip to Galveston, TX. We intended to stay there for a week to experience all that Galveston had to offer. Little did I know that

rims for your car

Looking At Rims For Your Car

I decided I wanted to get a different set of rims for my car because the rims that came on the car were ugly. Looking at all of my options there were

electric car

That’s Really An Electric Car?

While driving on the highway, I noticed this different looking car in the lane next to me. The car was a long sedan that had a very smooth and sleek look. It had door handles that were flush with the body of the car. Thinking that this car was

self-guided car

Self Guided System In Cars

Every day there is new technology for cars being created. Some cars even have a self guided system now. Having worked at a dealership, I got to experience some of

insurance savings

Saving Money on Auto Insurance

Now that I have experience driving as a safe driver I must admit I do enjoy the fact that I have a lower premium when it comes to my auto insurance. I do remember when it was

Car Detailing Tips

Everyone likes a clean looking car, especially on the exterior since that is what most people see. Some people will also pay quite a pretty penny to have their vehicle professionally detailed. Having a vehicle professionally detailed