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lowering vehicle costs

Lowering Vehicle Costs

There are many ways to keep your lowering your vehicle costs.  The choice of vehicle manufacturers, frequency of maintenance, and even the techniques with which we drive can

Gas Savings

The gas price has gone up and down since 2001, back then it was around $1 per gallon, in 2014 gas prices have increased to almost

jump starting a vehicle

I remember one time I had gone to a friend’s house for a party, and the next morning when I was leaving that my car battery was

driving record tips

Driving Record Tips

I remember the first time I ever needed a copy of my driving record. I was applying for a position at a driving company. I never really understood why

self-guiding car

There are a number of advancement that are made every day when it comes to cars. These advances have included

self-driving car

Selfdriving Technology

Many  groups think that selfdriving technology will integrate with the US economy as soon as five to ten years.  Some other countries focus on the

clean car

Keeping Your Car Clean

Keeping your car clean can be one of the toughest things that you will have to do. I mean there are so many things that you must have in your vehicle depending on what your lifestyle is. As a student, I keep my backpack in my car along with my laptop, and also a road

High Speed Railways

High Speed Railways

I remember the one time I was on a commuter train in Dallas with my grandmother. I remember wondering if the railways go any faster in other parts of the world. It turns out that they do, and the U.S. may need to catch up with other countries such as Japan. The United States & High

Dallas Traffic

Dallas & Traffic

As a college student, I enjoy going out to different places when I have free time. However, I’m not a fan of any unexpected traffic that may delay the amount of fun I expect to have once I reach my destination. A number of places I enjoy visiting are in Dallas, Texas, one of the

Cars Revealed

Cars Revealed

Everyone enjoys cars, and either owns one or has access to one. It may not be the best car, but it does get you from point A to point B. However, with the advancement of technology, there are new types of cars and concepts that are thought up just about every day. Foreign Cars A

More hands free

Using the new windows 10, I noticed Cortana was included and the voice command feature seems to be pretty useful. Cortana is more or less known as a virtual assistant. It seems that moving forward

Insurance Fraud Prevention

Insurance Fraud Prevention

There are a number of crimes that people commit every day, and one of the crimes is fraud. Fraud is a crime that causes millions in damages to people worldwide. A popular form of this crime in the United States is insurance fraud. An example of this could be a parent taking the blame for

Traffic Signs History

Traffic Signs History

There are a number of daily things that provide us with some form of direction, and one of these devices are traffic signs. The traffic sign has saved a number of lives due to the ability to tell drivers when it is safe to drive forward, or not. I would like to explain to drivers

Avoiding Test Car Driving Blues

I knew a guy who worked at a General Motors Assembly plant for 50 years, and for the last 20 of those years his job was to man the shaker machine in order to make sure that each vehicle was safe for test driving. Each vehicle that comes off the assembly line is placed on

Out on the road I am starting to notice there are more and more teen and immature drivers on the road. Just the other day an immature driver in a small car cut me off without any warning and then flipped me off. I was just driving the speed limit not doing anything wrong while

Two Steps One Sticker
Vehicle Registration Has Changed In Texas

The vehicle registration renewal procedure was reworked in 2014 so we need to understand this new law to avoid problems. Now there will only be one sticker on our windshield for both the state safety inspection and the registration. Here is how it works.

Auto Finance Ease
Auto Finance Ease

Auto Finance Ease Everyone dreams of owning a new car at one point in their lives, but being able to find the auto finance to pay for a brand new car is just not for everyone. Even buying a second hand vehicle may still be a little steep for some budgets, but should this be

New Car Technology

New Car Technology

In the automotive world, additional safety features have usually led to fewer accidents.  New technologies are good news for both the insurance industry and for drivers. In the past decade, our cars and trucks have been equipped with so much technology that the console of my car now looks like something from a Star Wars

Electric Car Benefits

Electric Car Benefits

As a driver who has faced the high cost of gasoline, I have often wondered about the advantages of switching to an electric care or hybrid. Would I really be saving money or doing anything truly worthwhile for the environment? Could there possible be some subtle benefits that I haven’t considered? Electric Vehicles & Finances