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One thing that drivers are always doing is passing, and taking a comedy defensive driving course online can help you on know when it is safe to pass another vehicle. It is not too difficult when driving on a four lane road, but when wanting to pass on a two lane road it can become quite stressful. There are several thoughts running through ones’ mind when wanting to pass a vehicle on a two lane road like, “is there oncoming traffic?” or “how fast is the oncoming car traveling?” These calculations have to be made quickly before it becomes a dangerous situation.  There are just a few tips to follow, and after completing a comedy defensive driving course online you will know how to pass when it is safe.

When It Is Safe To Pass On A Two Lane Road - Comedy Defensive Driving Course

When It Is Safe To Pass On A Two Lane Road – Comedy Defensive Driving Course

Comedy Defensive Driving Tips For Passing Another Vehicle

  1. It has to be legal to pass the vehicle in front of you. If there is a double yellow line between lanes then it is out of the question to pass. There are also signs that say, “Do not pass” so it is important that you look out for those signs.
  2. Make certain that the passing lane is clear. Always check for vehicles coming from behind you and ones that are in on coming traffic in front of you. Do not try and pass on a hill or curve because more than likely you cannot see beyond the curve. There might be a vehicle there if you attempt to pass. You want to minimize the likeliness of causing an accident by keeping everyone on the road safe.
  3. Do not pass if another vehicle is trying to pass you. Let them pass and then you can move into the next lane. It is safe to say that most people do not like being cut off when trying to pass, so just try and avoid being that person.
  4. Using your turn signal is very important because it lets other drivers aware that you want to pass onto the next lane. If for some reason your blinkers are not working, then flashing your headlights is another good indication to notify someone about your lane switch.
  5. Increase your speed when passing the vehicle. It does not have to be much of increase, but so much that you quickly pass the vehicle so that you can get back into that lane.
  6. After passing the vehicle look in the rearview mirror to make certain that it is safe to re-enter the lane.

These are just a few helpful tips to go by when passing another vehicle. Learn more rules of the road as well as become a safer driver by taking our recommended defensive driving online course.


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